50 days to go!

This is the post excerpt.

50 days to go!
In 50 days, we will be heading off to USA & Mexico for the first time. We have managed to finally pay off all of our trip which is such a relief. All that is left to do is apply for our ESTA’s and then we are up, up and away!

Have been madly googling capsule wardrobes and the must-packs as I am definitely a cliche’ girl when it comes to packing a suitcase. On a daily basis, me vs wardrobe goes something like “I hate everything that I own”, but when packing for a trip? I most definitely need to bring that dress that I’ve owned for 3 years and never worn, because it will be superbly perfect for a New York Summer. I seem to always take over my least favourite clothing items and then proceed to buy an entire new wardrobe while overseas.  I guess we will see how it goes..
Hopefully it’s not a case of Thailand 2013, where I was ‘randomly’ selected at the airport for an open bag check, because my suitcase departure weight was 35kg more (and $200 AUD!!) than what I arrived with. Thirty five whole kilograms of T&Co goodies with a side of ink-running dresses. Safe to say they ended up right where I found them, in a garbage bag in the boot of a car.








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